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Winnipeg, MB R3B 2B5


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Even if you are not familiar with Ethero Events, we are certain you know at least some of the events we manage. From Winnipeg’s largest outdoor event, the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade; to one of the world’s longest dining tables at Table for 1200 More; to art’s one-night stand (otherwise known as Nuit Blanche Winnipeg); we get to manage some pretty cool events!


Now we are producing an event that satisfied our own desire for a design-forward, urban festival filled with likeminded, Winnipeg-positive people – and we know Winnipeg is ready for this type of festival.


To Winnipeg, With Love,

Festival Team

Festival Director                Monica Derksen

Chief Operating Officer  Jocelyne Nicolas

Operations Director         Eric Olek

Eats Director                      Chef Ben Kramer

Sounds Director                Michael Falk

Marketing & PR                  Lindsay Gillanders

                        Brandidly                                                Communications