Become a Sponsor or Investor


All sponsorships are customized to work with your specific marketing goals for 2022.


Volunteer / Concierge Sponsor Proposal

CURRENT has already started compiling a team of exceptional volunteers to make this vision come to life; music-lovers, Winnipeg-lovers and people who just love to share their time and expertise. Your brand would be represented on all volunteer apparel and visible throughout the whole weekend. This could also include a great opportunity to engage your employees.

Selfie Smile Sponsor Proposal

Every event has a featured opportunity to take a selfie with friends and share on social media about the experience; CURRENT will be no exception. As the selfie sponsor, your brand would be represented on the selfie wall and extended experience, created for guests to interact with, throughout the festival.

Clean Team Sponsor Proposal

One of the ways CURRENT stands out is the focus placed on aesthetics, good design and a high quality physical environment. From clean toilets with vanities to exceptionally clean bars, to chandeliers in the Food Hall, we are committed to elevating the summer festival experience in Winnipeg down to the very last detail. Your brand would be visible in areas that will be visited by every single guest. 

Luxury Lounge Sponsor Proposal

At CURRENT our goal is for all of our guests to feel like VIPs, from beer and cocktails and food you can't find anywhere else to eliminating line-ups to beautiful, interactive art.


However, the Luxury Lounge Experience is an opportunity for us to show some special love to CURRENT+ members and CURRENT Founders - people and organizations who have been generous from the beginning and have helped us to launch this annual event.