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Getting to CURRENT Festival

Bike Valet

Free bike valet will be available all weekend for those on two wheels.


Water Bus

Enjoy convenient river transportation to five city docks provided by Splash Dash Water Bus. Servicing each dock about every 15 minutes, The River Spirit navigates through the centre of Winnipeg along the historic Red and Assiniboine Rivers. More info on The Forks' website.

Winnipeg Transit

Check out Winnipeg Transit’s website for more information on bus routes and fares including the free Downtown Spirit.


Taxi/Ride-for-hire Options:

Unicity Taxi

(204) 925-3131


Duffy’s Taxi

(204) 925-0101


TappCar (Download app for iPhone or Android)


Parking at The Forks

Scout for parking in advance on The Forks’ info page. Parking fees at The Forks go straight into site improvements, state-of-the-art-entertainment and sustainable efforts through The Forks North Portage Corporation.


Accommodations at The Forks

Staycation, anyone? Make CURRENT an immersive experience by staying at the always comfortable, always convenient Inn at The Forks.